Motor Biking through Kangra & Chamba

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“The 40s ain’t really the best time in one’s life to attempt a bike ride across 1500 kms”, we thought at first.

Not just ‘age’ but the heat of India’s oppressive summer that would be partners with us for at least 1000 kms of the 1500 we had planned. And of course, the ride itself. Judging by our fitness levels (we do pump iron and do our squats in the gym regularly) we were optimistic but going the whole hog would be a challenge and we were aware of it.

So biking across India’s Himalayan state – Himachal Pradesh – seemed like a bit of a risk to take.

But the adventurous side of our souls rubbished all apprehensions away, and so, one fine afternoon in April 2014, we set off for Delhi from where we hired a motor bike and rode our way to a spectacular experience spread over 9 days.

Our Ride

We hired…

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Hotel Fort House: Rusticity on the Backwaters

Looks like to be a great place to go to….

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When you learn about the history of this quaint property located in an old corner of perhaps the oldest part of Cochin, (or Kochi as it is now known), you would know that although the property is almost eighteen years old, ‘old’ is merely an appellation best used to describe its charm and rusticity.

And of course its earthy thumbprint which is evident in the verdure growing carefree and almost carelessly everywhere, showing little reverence to the ‘expectation’ one might have from a garden-in-a-hotel… And that is why we fell in love with Hotel Fort House.

It is rustic. It is local. It is unpretentious. It is. As is.

Fort House Open space

Fort House is your hotel-next-door where hospitality has not been sacrificed at the altar of its image of being a simple place. From the moment you walk in you will be given a warm welcome, with ample smiling faces on the staff…

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Maggi Noodles and the Himalayas

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The idea for this post came after we saw a new Bollywood film called “Highway” – where the lead actor takes possession of a hut nestled in the middle of a green valley somewhere in the Himalayas and finds a pack of Maggi noodles of which she prepares a meal!

This yellow noodle pack, the earliest and perhaps the most popular instant noodle in India was launched over 25 years ago. From being the “2 minute” favourite snack to being disparaged for its ingredients, Maggi has come a long way. And when you travel to the Himalayas you realise exactly just how long!

This modest noodle finds its place on every menu in every part of the Himalayas. We have eaten versions of the curly Maggi noodle on Triund Top, by the Bhagsu riverside in McLeodGanj, villages in Lahaul Spiti – Gramphoo and Losar, Manali, Kulu and even…

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